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Complete List of Operations / Procedures Performed

Dr Chan Kok Yu specialises in joint replacement and sports surgery. Specialised procedures done by him are computer assisted surgery (CAS), knee, shoulder & hip surgery.  The following is the complete list of operations / procedures done by him:


In a knee replacement (TKR), the knee cartilage which is worn out is removed and replaced with implants (prosthesis) made from metal and plastic. TKR gets rid of the knee pain, restores knee function and improves the patient's quality of life. If a TKR is performed accurately, the prosthesis can last 15-20 years. Computer Assisted Knee Replacement (CAS TKR) achieves better accuracy/ precision in the operation and gives more consistent results.

ACL, PCL and multi-ligament surgeries of the knee involves replacing the torn ligaments with tendon grafts, which are usually obtained from the patient's own thigh. Harvesting these tendons to be used as reconstruction tissues or grafts to replace the torn ACL, PCL etc will not cause any negative effects to the patient's thigh or knee function. The reconstruction surgeries of the ACL, PCL are performed using arthroscopy (key-hole sized incisions).

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PCL reconstruction is also performed through arthroscopic surgery similar to ACL reconstruction. In arthroscopic PCL reconstruction, small key-hole sized incisions are used and the PCL is reconstructed under direct view with an arthroscopic camera. Like the ACL, the PCL which is ruptured cannot be simply stitched back together. It has to be reconstructed, meaning replaced using a tendon graft. This tendon graft is usually taken from the patient's own tendons.

Total hip replacement surgery (THR) is a procedure whereby the diseased hip joint of an individual is replaced by a prosthetic or artificial hip joint made of metal/plastic. THR is usually performed for cases of severe hip osteoarthritis as well as other hip conditions like avascular necrosis, inflammatory arthritis and certain types of hip fractures.

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Shoulder conditions and injuries can now be treated with high success rates using shoulder arthroscopy. Shoulder arthroscopy enables repair of tendons and other injured soft tissues in the shoulder to be done using key-hole sized incisions. Key-hole surgery by shoulder arthroscopy enables faster and easier recovery after the surgery.


  • CAS knee replacement surgery

  • Arthroscopic anatomical ACL reconstruction

  • Arthroscopic PCL reconstruction

  • Multi-ligament reconstruction

  • Arthroscopic meniscus repair/ menisectomy

  • Patella stabilisation surgery

  • Cartilage repair surgery

 SHOULDER operations

  • Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair

  • Arthroscopic subacromial decompression

  • Arthroscopic ACJ resection

  • Arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation

  • ACJ reconstruction 

 HIP operations

  • Hip replacement surgery

  • Hip fracture stabilisation surgery

  • FAI repair of the hip

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